202 Original Drinking water  (with no additives, 19 l)
7.5 BYN

Quick Order and delivery of water

  • For daily use
  • First category of quality
  • Practically no mineralized
  • Suitable for use in food

Kits for new customers

Start with a simple set of water and enhancement. The number of bottles we calculate on the basis of the daily value of water consumption per person.


How many people in your office / home:

~2 bootles in month

Choose water:

202 Original Drinking water (with no additives, 19 l)
7.5 BYN per bottle

Selection of equipment:

Mechanical pump for supplying water Ecocenter D-1
9.9 BYN
Pump Ecocenter D-2
9.9 BYN

Your first set

The price includes a one-time deposit for the bottles - it allows in the future to save on water.
  • Delivery in
  • Of these bottles
    2 шт.
  • 21.6 BYN
  • For kit
    46.5 BYN

Why buy water

Our feedback

Water is perfect! No scale and digestion problems. Food and drinks taste great! Thanks for your idea and honest work!
Evgeniya, Emap
The water is just excellent! There is no scale in the kettle and the taste of water is delicate and mild. It seems like I tasted the real water flavor for the first time. My father-in-law had surgery recently and doctors recommended him to drink...
Alexey, Minsk Lada
Water is very good, coffee and tea are transparent and have rich flavor, the warmer doesn`t get incrustation. You have good service, possibility to order for any suitable date, payment on credit, pre-payment and deferment payment is accepted. It...
Seva, Буслик
Emap Emap
Minsk Lada Minsk Lada
Буслик Буслик

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