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The company has been working in the field of bottled water manufacturing since 2004


Our water is extracted from artesian well

Modern equipment

The company has the latest equipment for water treatment

Automatic bottling line

Water bottling is carried out hands free using an automatic bottling line


Water is bottled in chemically neutral polycarbonate bottles made of hypoallergenic material 200 times stronger than glass, making it possible to use bottles repeatedly. Polycarbonate does not react with water, making it possible to store drinking water for 6 months with the guarantee of the original taste and odor.

Quality management system

The plant has an product quality management system (in accordance with the requirements STB ISO 9001-2009) under which annual inspections are conducted.

Special detergents and disinfectants

We use special detergents and disinfectants made for polycarbonate bottles.

Forgery protection

In order to protect our customers against forgery and unauthorized opening we put thermocontractable caps over the bottles covers. On the side of every cap one can find a water type and a bottling date written in indelible ink.

Ozone treatment

The final stage of the bottling process is water ozonation as a result of which the final product contains 1.5-2 times more oxygen than water from an artesian well. More reasons over here

No scum

While boiling, water scale is not formed on a heating element what extends time of service and economizes energy.

Our own certified laboratory

The processes of preparation and bottling are controlled by our own certified production microbiology and chemical laboratories which have a technical competence certificate issued by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Highest quality category

Our 202 Original Drinking water is of the highest quality category and is an ideal variant for daily use at home and work. This type of water has the lowest salinity level.

Water for children

"Bambini" is artesian drinking water of the highest quality category with physiologically full chemical composition and optimum content of elements such as fluoride, iodine, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Especially useful for children and women in prenatal and postnatal period.


Additional accessories

We manufacture additional accessories such as valve crans, pumps and coolers

Warranty and post-warranty service

We provide warranty and post warranty maintenance of the equipment and also have certified service centers for maintenance of coolers (repair and disinfection).

Water №1 in Belarus

On the basis of the national contest “Choice of the Year” 202 Drinking water became №1 water in Belarus for 5 times (in 2009; 2010; 2012; 2013; 2014)


Product of the Year in the category of bottled water

202 Drinking water became a winner of the Republican competition of consumer preferences “Product of the Year” in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014.

Standards of the Republic of Belarus certificate

According to the decision of the competent interdepartmental commission “Amazon-Kolorit” company, 202 Drinking water manufacturer, received Standards of the Republic of Belarus certificate which gives it the right of marking 202 Original drinking water with the sign “natural product”.


10 representative offices

The company has 10 representative offices where 202 Drinking water delivery is carried out by Mercedes vans.

Delivery of 202 Drinking water in 17 cities of the country

To make an order for 202 Drinking water get in touch with the official representative offices of “Amazon-Kolorit” company or with one of the 17 dealers.