How to pay for an order?

Payment to a delivery man

Payment of the first and the following orders is carried out in cash in Belarusian rubles upon the Product Delivery by the Seller’s courier who is obliged to provide the Buyer with a receipt.

Non cash payment of an order

Non cash payment of the Product at the time of the first order is carried out with 100% prepayment by transferring Belarusian rubles to the Seller’s operating account. Payment of the following Product delivery is carried out by payment upon delivery during 3 working days including the delivery day.

Payment of an order by means of the payment system Assist

Dear clients and users of the website, we are glad to offer you vast opportunities of payment. Please, pay your attention that regardless of a chosen payment system settlement is carried out only in Belarusian rubles.

Online payment with a credit card

If you are making an order via our website choose “Online payment with a credit card” among all the payment methods. After the order is confirmed you will be redirected to the electronic payments provider’s server LLC “Electronic Payment Company ASSIST” which provides security of payments. After entering all the data and clicking “To make a payment” on the server’s page, you will get a notification about the performance of the transaction at your email address. After a while you will also get a message from the administrator confirming that the payment was carried out successfully.

Cards of the payment systems Visa International, MasterCard, AMERICAN EXPRESS and Belkart of all classes and banks are approved for payment. We recommend to consult your bank in advance in order to make sure that your card can be used for internet payments.

Rules for making online payments:

The procedure of online payment with a credit card is completely confidential and secure. Your personal data and requisite details are entered not on the page of our website but on the authorization page of the payment system. Access to the data is carried out via Transport Layer Security protocol (TLS); the technologies of secure internet transactions such as Verified by Visa and Master Card Secure Code are also applied. The authentification server carries out background processing of received data and then transfers it to the settlement bank of the system (further on – The Bank). The Bank verifies the presence of the Store in the System, verifies correspondence of a transaction with the system restrictions. Based on the verification findings, decline or permission for conducting the transaction authorization to the card payment system is formed.


In case a positive result:

- The Bank transmits a positive result of authorization to the authentification server;
- The authentification server transmits a positive result of authorization to the Buyer;
- After receiving confirmation of permission for authorization The Internet store starts an order processing.

In case of a negative result:

- The bank transmits decline of a transaction to the authentification server;
- The authentification server transmits decline with the number of the order to the Internet store;
- The Buyer is sent a letter in which the reason of the decline is indicated.

The reasons of a decline can be the following:

- There is not enough money on a card for making a payment;
- The card issuing bank has set prohibition on payment via Internet Banking;
- The time for payment card data entry has run out;
- The entered data were not confirmed by the Buyer on the payment page, an error of data format occurred etc.

Depending on the reason of a decline you can do the following:

- Retry making a payment;
- Consult the card issuing bank for clarification;
- In case it’s impossible to solve the problem with the bank - try making a payment one more time using a card issued by another bank.

You can find out about the procedure of payment with cards BELKART OJSC “SSB Belarusbank” using the link: Payment procedure with cards BELKART OJSC «SSB Belarusbank».

Please, pay your attention that no overriding commission is charged for money transmission from a card account. To find out about probable commissions for currency conversion and for transactions with a card account you should enquire with the card account bank.

In case the Buyer declines the service the money is refunded to the full extent and no commission is charged. The repayment period reach 30 days and depends on the card issuing bank.