Questions and answers regarding delivery

Question: I work at school. Why doesn’t a delivery man deliver water to my cabinet (classroom)?

Answer: Please, arrange with a person in charge (responsible for admission of transport to the territory of the school) for the branded automobile 202 to be admitted to the territory of the educational institution in order to unload a call-off order. Delivery is carried out on condition that there is unhindered access to the place of delivery (building, construction etc.) or availability of vacant space for parking for the time of unload, and unhindered access to the place indicated in the application.

Question: How can I order 202 Drinking water?

Answer: If you want to order 202 Drinking water you can call the landline Minsk phone number 54 -30-202 or use an online order form on our website. You can also find our regional representative offices’ telephone numbers in the section “Contact us”.

Question: While ordering for the first time, do you need to order and pay for two bottles plus the refund value of these two bottles?

Answer: The refund value is paid for each bottle at a time only at the first order. If you order two bottles, you need to pay the refund value of two bottles. If you order five bottles, you need to pay the refund value of five bottles, etc. When you dissolve the contract, the refund value is returned to the full extent.

Question: I would like to order “Original” Drinking water in number of two bottles. I already have two empty bottles of yours. Do I need to pay the refund value?

Answer: In case a client has empty bottles (in a good condition, with no mechanical damage, scratches, with no impurities of the inner parts, the material – polycarbonate) a refund value is not taken.

Question: I would like to dissolve the contract. How can I get money for the bottles back?

Answer: In order to return the refund value of the bottles you need to arrive at our office with the contract and the empty bottles and get the money from the cash desk.